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Thu, Dec 3, 2020 1:52 PM

ATT TV Now app on Roku not connecting

At least once a day, when I select ATT TV Now I get a flash of the blue ATT background and then it goes to the Roku background (not back to the home page) or to black screen.  I have uninstalled the ATT channel and reinstalled it - no change.  I checked and it is "up to date".  The Roku is also up to date.  The only way I can fix it is to disconnect the USB power from the Roku device and allow it to reboot.  All other "channels" on the Roku, like Netflix, work without issue.  I have been using Roku for years, this is the only channel that has ever not loaded.  





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2 months ago

upgrade your wifi to something faster

change the batteries in the clicker

get a better tv 

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