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We are in the golden age of comic book television shows. Marvel has started to release shows like "Loki" and "The Falcon and The Winter Soldier" and HBOMAX is home to DC SHOWS like "TITANS" and "DOOM PATROL." Other companies and streaming services lack access to these popular superhero franchises and have been forced to seek out less well-known comic books to find content to adapt to television. As a result, we have shows like "INVINCIBLE," "THE BOYS," "THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY" and, the recent premiere of, "Y: THE LAST MAN."

Created by legendary writer Brian K. Vaughn in 2002, the "Y: THE LAST MAN" comic takes place in a world where almost every man has been killed by a mysterious case of androcide, the systematic killing of men. The only surviving man is an escape artist named Yorick Brown, who is accompanied by his pet monkey, Ampersand. Without men, society quickly falls into chaos. Yorick embarks on a journey across the world to save what's left of mankind since it will go extinct without men. A government agent, named Agent 355, joins him on this quest...

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