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Mon, May 13, 2019 7:38 PM

BBC America Shows (Killing Eve / Orphan Black / Luther) Spoiler)

This season of Killing Eve seems to be falling into a reoccurring pattern with BBC America shows - where Eve is having Villanelle partner with her for (imo) no apparent reason. 


It reminds me of when Sarah and the twins would partner up with Rachel, on Orphan Black. Or, on Luther, when he had Alice helps him avenge his wife’s death. 


Why do BBC America shows always go to this well? Is it my imagination or is this a uniquely British TV trope?




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a year ago

I remember the "good" guys working together with the bad guy (Linus? I think?) pretty regularly on Lost - but that seemed to be more of a shifting alliance kind of thing.


IMO, the whole "Now we must work together to defeat !" seems to be a pretty consistent comic book plot, rather than TV series plot, in America.

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