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Mon, May 9, 2016 5:28 PM

LG B470 Questions!

Hopefully someone on here will be able to answer a few questions for me!


First can you download custom music ringtones to this phone? the first few minuites of you favorite song?


Also can you download a picture from your PC and save it as a background?


And can you even contect this phone to a PC to save your info or whatever like transfering pictures or whatever back and forth?


I know its a simple 3G. flip phone, but my old Nokia 6085 2G phone i could do all the above, but because of the network change being forced to retire my good old reliable Nokia.


Hope some one can answer for me!


Any help greatly appreciated!




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3 years ago

The first time I press a button to send a touch-tone it does not do so.  However, when I press the button again, the tone does get sent and all subsequent key presses send their tone. That's my experience with sending touch-tones when a call has been made and reaches an automated call processing center asking one to press 1 for this and 2 for that, etc.



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2 years ago

Okay, minor block here. I bought a 2TB microUSB-compatible flash drive and my lgb470 can't see that it exists at all. Is there any way to get it to notice and do file transfer, or perhaps a bluetooth transmitter for flash drives? I mostly want to keep tons of music on there without having to go to a computer to swap it out.

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