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Tue, Oct 29, 2019 7:32 PM

WatchTV Streaming Issues - Fixes & Solutions

Your Wi-Fi Matters


Streaming is not cut and dry. To have the best streaming experience, you need:


  • The Right modem settings
  • The Right internet plan
  • The Right internet set up


The Right modem settings 

Changing your modem settings may improve your Wi-Fi signal and streaming experience. By testing different channels, you will find one that may improve your overall Wi-Fi experience.


Don't know how? We have you covered: 

Helpful Hint: Each home is different so you may need to test a few channels. Also, adjusting the mode may also help. 


The Right internet plan

The right plan for your household means a great online experience. The average internet speeds for homes in the U.S. is 33.88 Mbps. An average stream requires about 6-8 Mbps. If 5-6 streaming devices are in use at the same time, you will need a plan of at least 30Mbps. If you have more devices than your plan can handle, you may experience issues like pixelation, buffering, and audio trouble.


Do you have the right internet plan? If you are an AT&T Customers, sign in to your account to check now or view your upgrade options.



The Right internet set up 

The location of your modem and what is around it may affect your internet speeds. If your streaming device is on the other side of your home, you may experience buffering and other issues. Also, electronics around your modem may weaken not only your Wi-Fi signal but your wired connection. The right internet setup is important so take a look at what you can do to improve it below: 


The Right things you can do:


Heads Up: It is normal for wireless speeds to drop in half. Learn why now


Reduce The Number of Devices

The more devices you have connected, the slower your internet will be. Each device shares a portion of your internet signal. If a single device uses more resources, like a streaming device, this can decrease speeds and affect other devices. How many devices do you have connected? Check out our Internet Plan & Number of Devices to learn more.


Other FAQs and Solutions 

Make sure your WatchTV is set up - it needs to be before you can stream

How to Minimize Wireless Interference

Wi-fi FAQs: Questions and Solutions


ChrisZ, AT&T Community Specialist 


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Community Support


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2 y ago

Streaming is just one piece of the puzzle. To have a great experience, the pieces need to be in the right place. Check out the info above to learn about what you can do. 


ChrisZ, AT&T Community Specialist 

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