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Thu, Jan 24, 2019 2:55 PM

Irrational NBA fandom ...

There are some players that all NBA fans can love or hate. I'm not in a minority of people who love Lebron James and I'm far from the only NBA fan who doesn't like James Harden. I'm not here, however, to debate the merits of either of these preferences.


What I want to know is who do you irrationally love / hate in the NBA? What players do you follow despite having no good reason to ever think that their play is going to deserve your allegiance? Who do you dislike, as soon as you see them, for absolutely no justifiable reason? I'll go first:


Irrational Like: Lance Stephenson.

There is no reason ... NO REASON for me to be as big a fan of Lance as I am.

But, throughout his career - I've overlooked every bad decision, every turnover, every comical flop, every bad (BAD ... BAD) shot and every time he's tried to defend someone by blowing in their ear.

Something about Lance just constantly brings me joy, even when I know (as a Laker fan) he is causing more harm than good for my team every time he checks in.


Irrational Hate: Jeff Green

The fact that Jeff Green is still in the league fills me with rage.

There are plenty of players that are as average as Jeff Green. There are quite a few players that are arguably worse than Jeff Green.

Still, whenever he checks in for the Wizards or Cavs or Kings or Celtics or Thunder or whoever has currently decided the roll the, "Jeff Green will make us a contender!" dice, I want to throw things at the TV screen.


So .... who are your irrational love/hate players?

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3 y ago

I've always disliked Raymond Felton. He's never given me a good reason, he just always rubbed me the wrong way.


Brain Cardinal was one I liked for no reason other than being able to think - if he can be in the NBA, maybe there's still hope for me!



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3 y ago

Do retired players count? If so:

Irrational Like: Shane Battier

Irrational Hate: Mike Bibby

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