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The Samsung Galaxy S23
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Tuesday, May 23rd, 2023 3:32 PM

Visual Voice-mail

My visual voice mail is not working at all

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7 months ago

Hello @snowcrash_1, I can understand that this can be frustrating and would like to assist you in getting this working for you. 


Your Visual Voicemail not working can be caused by a few things, so we'd like to try some troubleshooting options for both your device and your Visual Voicemail app specifically:


  • Visual Voicemail requires a connection to our 4G LTE data network, so let's try resetting your device in a few ways to improve your connection. 
    • Power cycle your device by holding the Volume down and Side buttons, then select Power off twice. After a few seconds, turn the device back on by holding the Side button down until the screen turns back on.
    • Reset your network settings by going into your Settings > General Management > Reset > Reset network settings > Reset settings > ResetBe aware this will erase all your saved Wi-Fi networks, security passwords and Bluetooth devices.
    • A new feature or patch may be needed to continue using Visual Voicemail on your device, so update your phone's software to make sure you have the latest version and bug fixes.
    • This can also be caused by the Visual Voicemail app, so try Troubleshoot Your Voicemail - AT&T Wireless Customer Support (
      • Clear app cache by going into the Settings > Apps > Visual Voicemail > Storage > Clear Cache. This will help improve the app's performance.
      • Force stop the app by selecting the desired app and selecting Force stop, which completely stops the app from running in the foreground or background, allowing it to restart completely when you open it again.
      • Check for app updates in the Google Play Store, as the app itself may need a patch to work again.

Please let us know if this information helps. 


Holcy, AT&T Community Specialist

ACE - Sage


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7 months ago

Not enough information.

Does your regular call in voicemail work?

You filed this under Samsung so I assume you have a Samsung phone. When you say visual voicemail is not working are you referring to just the list of incoming calls from which you can select and play a particular message, or are you looking for transcription?

Transcription is either provided by the manufacturer, as it is for Google Pixel or iPhone. Or it is provided by the service provider. AT&T does not provide it and neither does Samsung.



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7 months ago

I've got a s22+ and my voicemail quit working today. My girlfriend's s22 ultra also quit and she is on a different plan than mine. 

Now mine says non existent account or incorrect password.   I can't change it in visual voice mail.  I changed it in my default voicemail but then changing it in vm doesn't work? 



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6 months ago

none of the solutions worked for me, so that was not the answer!

I tried holding one, calling the voicemail and changing the password that way, then entering it in visual voicemail but it would never worked.  I tried a different phone number in the main voicemail for the password, then entered it in visual voicemail and it immediately worked.  Not sure why but it worked and my visual is now working again.

Hopefully this helps somebody else out because clearing cache, turning the phone off, forcing it to stop or resetting your network settings is not the fix.

My voicemail was perfectly fine and then my phone alerted me that it was not working anymore.  I did nothing to the voicemail to cause this.  It was an issue on at&t's end even if they do not want to admit to it.

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