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Tue, Mar 31, 2020 4:05 PM

Unlock phone

I bought and paid for my Notebook 10+ from ATT and then had to change providers since ATT doesn't work in my work place, there is no reception inside the building. (big metal box building). So I am planning on switching to another provider but my phone won't unlock.. I have gone through the steps outlined, and have spent almost 7 full hours on line on hold waiting on someone to answer, then tell me they can't help. they then transfer me to another department. but still no luck getting my phone unlocked, It will be 2 weeks this Thursday April 2, and still no phone because ATT can't unlock the phone.

Can someone contact me and help me get this resolved.





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8 months ago

what did the unlock portal say the reason for denial?

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It said the MEI number is incorrect, but when we have talked with Customer Service , they say it is correct and they need us to talk with a different department. But there is no department that is capable of doing what needs to be done.

3 Times it was tech support, one time to deal with stolen phones, one time to someone else more advanced than they were. I went to the ATT store but they can't help or understand what the problem is.

Part of the complication is that I am no longer a member of ATT services which they discontinued as we left and moved over to the new service provider. But I can't get moved into the new provider for services since the phone won't unlock (they have graciously agreed to not charge us because we dont have a usable phone)


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