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Tue, Apr 4, 2017 11:49 AM

Unknown address "message not found" and stalled messaging on samsung S6 active

I've received texts from an unknown address and when I open it it says message not found. I tried to see who it was from by signing into my wireless account and it shows the message was received but doesn't show a phone number or anything to indicate who it is from.
In addition, my phone has been stalling or lagging when I try to type a text and another text is coming through. This never used to be a problem but it is very frustrating because I will be typing and it takes quite a few seconds before the letters will actually appear. It didn't used to do this and started after one of the stupid software updates that are forced to my phone. How do I fix this?


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4 years ago

Hello @Jdell74!


I understand having these types of issues can definitively be frustrating; especially when it comes to an important feature such as messaging. I am glad you reached out to us for assistance!


Android users have reported experiencing similar problems after updating the software. In order to fix this, you can try clearing the Messaging application cache and data. To do this, please go to Settings > Applications > Device > Application manager > ALL > touch the messaging application you are having issues with > scroll to and touch Clear cache and data.


If this fails, please try a factory reset. Here, you will find step-by-step instructions to complete this process. Make sure to select your phone’s make and model > Tutorials > Troubleshooting > Reset Device.


I hope you find this information useful! Please let us know if you have any other questions.


Anabel, AT&T Community Specialist

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3 years ago

I've done the factory reset. Didn't help. It would be helpful if you could explain why a problem is happening and why a factory reset would do anything other than keep us busy for a day setting our phones back up the way they were... Otherwise it really just seems like you're telling us to factory reset because you have no idea what the problem is, and you're guessing. 

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