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Friday, January 30th, 2015 10:42 PM

Texting from my laptop

The glass screen cracked when I dropped my phone and now the keyboard will not work.Is it possible to connect the phone to a laptop for texting? How can I link my Samsung Galaxy to my laptop to send and receive text messages?

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9 years ago

Hi @Panamar


At this time, there would not be a way to receive text messages without being able to view the device screen. We do offer a service called AT&T Messages which could be used, but it would require being able to view a security PIN code which is sent to your device via text message.


However, you can send a text message from myAT&T online. In order to do so, please see here!


I hope this helps!


ACE - Expert


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9 years ago

No way that I know of.



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9 years ago

No, but you can probably get that screen fixed for not much more than $100ish. There are a lot of cellphone repair places on the web, or even at your local mall.

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