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Linda Jo



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Sun, Feb 23, 2020 3:21 PM

Software Update for Note 9 beware!

Has this happened to anyone else? On Friday Feb 21st I received a software update for my Note 9. I read it quickly. I did a quick backup on my Super Backup app and proceeded with the update. Within minutes I went into panic mode when I saw Korean writing on the restart screen. THE UPDATE HAD DONE A FACTORY RESET!!! I did not authorize nor confirm I wanted a factory reset and it turns out that my Super Backup app had nothing to restore. I spent one hour on the phone with Samsung as I tried to restore whatever I could and it turns out my most recent Samsung backup was from 2/15/2020, so I lost a week of phone logs and text messages and my entire device camera roll was gone. My Samsung notes were only updated through Aug 2019, so I lost all of my notes since then. (Thankfully I have Amazon Prime and Degoo and my photos are all in there.) It took 13 1/2 hours to restore my phone and apps and settings and preferences and customizations. I'm still working on it three days later. I don't know exactly what I've lost, but I guess I'll find out when I look for it and it's not there.
Now I'm wary of any future software updates - once bitten, twice shy.


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a month ago

Hello @Linda Jo!


Thank you for sharing your experience. When your next update is due, we invite you to visit AT&T Device Support, select the make and model of your device, then Systems, and follow the instructions as presented.


If you're an AT&T customer, this may help mitigate some of the issues you encountered when updating your device.


We hope you enjoy the rest of your day.


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