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The Samsung Galaxy S23
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Friday, September 15th, 2023 6:38 AM

SIM Card

Purchased a Galaxy S23+ and during setup I used my S20+ SIMcard to activate it... now I would like to use the S23+ SIMcard I got with the phone itself... but after Installing, it is not allowing calls or mobile network connection. 

Please help me resolve this issue.

Thank you

ACE - Expert


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3 months ago

You need to activate the SIM card that came with the 23 before it will work.

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3 months ago

I've already activated it with the s20+ SIMcard... so it won't allow me to with the S23+ one... trying to figure out a week around. Already factory reset phone with the S23+ SIMcard and no change still need to use the s20 one to have calls and internet. 

ACE - Guru


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3 months ago

You messed it up.  Activation assumed the SIM was in the phone it came with.

Did you upgrade from the S20 to the S23 and plan to use the same number?  You should have activated the S23 with the new SIM card which would deactivate the one in the S20 - that's how the system is expected to work.

If, however, you just bought another phone with another number, and you moved the old SIM to the new phone, now the new SIM which expected the S23's IMEI doesn't know what to do since it's in another device.

It's all actually more convoluted back-end service connections on AT&T's end than direct phone-to-SIM connections, but it results in the same system confusion.


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