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Thu, Jul 11, 2019 5:38 PM

samsung gallaxy s9 plus visual voicemail not working

Recently got a new phone (galaxy s9 plus) when I tried to reset up visual voicemail I get this error message "looks like there is a problem with your mail box, or you're on a plan that does not include visual voicemail. Please visit to change your data plan to one with visual voicemail. As a reminder, visual voicemail is a free application and blah blah blah [...] on the at&t network."  I had visual voicemail before and didn't change my plan so I dont see that being the issue. I've tried to hold down on 1 and it just calls my own phone number  not the voicemail. Thanks in advance





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a year ago

Hello. I have attached a link that may help you. The link is an AT&T link, and the link goes to the Set Up and Use Visual Voicemail guide. You can also find tutorials on how to set up your Visual Voicemail.





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