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Wed, Feb 15, 2017 1:43 AM

S7EDGE ATT DEVICE NOW UNLOCKED and whats the trick to nougat update now its not tied to att but.....

i missed the nougat beta program. do i still must wait fot att to get off the fence and push a OTA UPDATE for nougat. i see it coming, once the S8 is out, i bet ota will come. whats the sense when one can upgrade to s8edge plus instead of wasting time waiting to update. i know europe has the nougat already and tmobile is testing. is it worthless waiting for ota. is S8 worth near 1 grand for a phone without fries included or a free vacation.


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Hello @bayfisher3life,


Being on the latest software update is definitely important. I would be glad to help you make sure you’re able to receive the latest update from Samsung!


Although you must be on our network in order to receive the OTA updates, you still have the ability to manually update the software on your device. You can do this by visiting a Samsung Experience inside any Best Buy store. This means if you’re unlocked device is connected with a different carrier, you may no longer receive the OTA updates.


As far as deciding between waiting for the update or upgrading to the new Galaxy, it’s really up to you! Brand new phones are generally better optimized on the newer software. However, the S7 Edge is currently a new phone too which means it will receive the update sooner once it is released.


I hope you find this information helpful!


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At&t did not participate in the nougat Beta program.  Verizon pulled out after 2 weeks.  

There are no US Samsung phones upgrading to nougat full OS.  Not on any carrier.

I suggest you watch t-mobile to see it they get the update before you ask ATT.  (They have not)




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