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The Samsung Galaxy S24

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Sunday, June 7th, 2020 11:50 PM

Questions about upgrading to the S20/+ and international version

Hello everyone! A few questions rose to mind as I was shopping around for an upgrade to my phone.

I'm looking to upgrade some phones in the family. Normally I go with "last years" or an older model because I don't use them as extensively as others and keep the device for 3-4 years, but since 5G is rolling around and will be standard moving forward I'm thinking of going a little more modern and I've run into some questions.

I'm with AT&T, (obviously) and it sounds like there's a difference from S20 and S20+ in terms of the 5G quality - that the base S20 model won't have the highest capability. Is this something that will change? Should I wait for the base model to get upgrades, or ignore this model completely if I don't want to limit my future capabilities? The mmWave 5G isn't in my area now but I know it will be as a couple local cities have it and eventually it'll be everywhere anyway.

I'm seeing that if I go to Ebay/Amazon, I find "International" versions which are unlocked, and the price of the S20+ I see is significantly less. Is it missing 5G capability or have reduced hardware for it's much lower cost? Is there something that won't work with it if I use it domestically? In theory I would buy the phone, take it to ATT and get my number ported to it as my upgrade. Would there be any difference from doing that as opposed to buying it from the ATT store directly? Plus I travel to Canada once a year or so - could this help me out more than my standard carrier upgrade version?

The cost up-front isn't an issue at this moment, but I'd certainly like to save a few hundred bucks if possible as long as the quality and capability of the device would be the same, as I generally keep mine for 3-4 years and I feel if I go with something that's not capable of using the up-and-coming new 5G tech right now, then I'll feel I'll get behind even quicker and will need to upgrade much earlier; I'd rather not buy a phone now and then in 2 years again if I can avoid it.

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4 years ago

International versions have no warranty and they also get no wifi calling or VoLTE which you will need for service in the future as ATT kills off the 3g network. Also 5G only works on a ATT branded device at this time that will change but not for a few years.

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So the International versions essentially don't have 5G at all right now?



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3 years ago

Actually, there are 5G and non-5G models of the international versions of the S20 series.  However, the 5G models use different frequencies from those of AT&T (or any carrier in the US for that matter), so you won't be able to connect to any of the 5G networks in the US.


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