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The Samsung Galaxy S24
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Saturday, February 24th, 2024 8:23 PM

Phone Unlock

Here is what happens if you move your Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5g phone from Carrier A to ATT

and then decide to move it to carrier B. (At least it did for me.)  Today is 2/24/2024 and ATT acknowledged

receiving my unlock request at 1:14 AM on 2/14/2024.  It’s been 10 days so far and I was told by ATT that

it could be another 7 days. You don’t think this time interval is to make sure I’m in the next billing cycle?

The following is my text with Samsung after being told by ATT that only Samsung could provide the codes.


Samsung Support virtual assistant 10:26   Thank you for submitting your contact details.

Samsung Support virtual assistant 10:26   I will be connecting you to a Human who can help.


 Samsung Support virtual assistant 10:27   Thank you. You are connected with Von Ryan from Samsung Care.


Sea Digital Messaging   10:28 I will be with you shortly. Thank you.

Me  10:28  Hi, I'm on ATT and requested them to unlock my phone. They have been unable to honor my request so far and say it will take until March 1st to get it unlocked. I submitted my request on the 15th of February.

Me 10:29  Can you assist?

Me 10:31 Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G . I'm trying to move from ATT to another carrier.

Sea Digital Messaging 10:33   I appreciate your effort bringing this Porting out issue to my attention, since this is a part of your cellular service, Manufacturer will have limited option to troubleshoot you device so if in any case, I suggest to contact your Network provider.

Sea Digital Messaging 10:34   I am still here. Please allow me a few more moments to review additional information related to your case.

Me 10:34   I did, and they say they contacted you.

Sea Digital Messaging  10:43  We don't have any access with carrier locked phones. I highly suggest to request for Tier 2 with atnt for them to provide unlock codes for you. We apologize for any inconvenience. Due to FCC Policy, mobile service providers or carriers are the only ones authorized to provide a SIM Pin or Unlock Code. The service provider can verify proper ownership and protect our customer's identity as well as existing service contracts

Me 10:45 Just to be clear ... are you saying they should be able to unlock this phone without Samsung assistance?

Me 10:47 The reason I ask is that they say that you, the manufacturer, is controlling the unlock feature. (Added later….This phone was purchased from Samsung directly.)

Sea Digital Messaging  10:53  Samsung provides unlock codes to carrier at the time the device is manufactured and the information is not made available to customer support since we are not authorized to provide this information. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. I can certainly understand your concern. Due to FCC Policy, the carrier / service provider can provide a PIN or Unlock code after validating ownership of a current or former customer and the status of the device in their network. Carriers / Service providers are the only ones authorized to provide unlocking assistance."

Me 10:57 In this case ATT is not the original carrier so what process is involved to get this phone unlocked? 

Sea Digital Messaging  10:59  If the phone is Tied up with ATNT as your primary activated carrier they are the one who can only port out and unlock the phone as well. or rather if its purchased through a different cellular service provider before. you may consider to call them as well for the unlock codes Edward.

Sea Digital Messaging 11:09   We are awaiting your response/confirmation. Please let us know if you still need support. We are here 24/7!

(I was disconnected from Ryan at some point while I was typing the following. Then, I was connected to a second chat which I disconnected after finishing my message and realizing what occurred.)

Me 11:14 Thank you Ryan for carefully avoiding answering the question. I appreciate the position you are in, caught between the customer and the carrier. However, I bought the phone from you. Its apparent Samsung's loyalty is not to the customer but to the carrier in situations like this. It will definitely affect my next buying decision. Again, realizing your position I know you have provided all the assistance your position will allow. Have a great day.

The funny thing is my wife has a Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5g and was able to move it within 48 hours. In my case it seems that with my phone’s IMEI number Samsung can, in a matter of minutes, know all about my phone including how to unlock it. So, If ATT acknowledged receiving my request on 2/14, by 2/16 they knew they had to go to Samsung. With Samsung having all information on my phone via the IMEI, they should have been able to respond to ATT in a reasonable timeframe. Why am I still waiting?   And BTW ….  Are you telling me this is the first time this circumstance has come up?

ACE - Professor


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2 months ago

What was carrier A?  AT&T cannot lock a phone when brought from another carrier. Did you purchase the phone from AT&T and then use it on a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO). Like Cricket or another carrier?

ACE - Sage


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2 months ago

from Carrier A to ATT

and then decide to move it to carrier B.

Where did you purchase the phone? Which service provider did you first activate this phone on? Carrier A which is who?  If you're not saying T-Mobile and Verizon because you think you can't, you can. You can also say cricket or any other service provider. And it would be informative,  which A and B are not 

Who is Carrier A?   B?

Why do you think the phone is locked to AT&T? Why would it not be locked to carrier A? If Carrier A is an MVNO why would the phone have worked on AT&T if it were locked to carry your A? 

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2 months ago

Thank you for commenting on my post.  I guess I erred, I wasn't looking for a solution but just sharing an experience. Regardless of the manufacturer or the carriers, the fact remains that I can't change carriers until I am provided with a transfer pin and have my phone unlocked. Only AT&T can provide the pin and only after the phone is unlocked.  As an update, I was advised by ATT that the phone would surely be unlocked by 3/1/ 2024. It's now early on 3/1 and I have not yet heard from ATT. I will be calling them shortly.  One last thing, 2 days ago I received my new ATT bill and will have to pay it before I can have my phone unlocked.

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