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The Samsung Galaxy S23
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Monday, November 5th, 2018 4:09 PM

OREO update rendered my S7 Useless.. Now is very slow and dies after less than 2 hours. Very Upset..

I Have Galaxy S7 Which Since getting the OREO update now dies after less than 2 hours of being unplugged! In battery usage it now Shows "Android System" as using up 50% of my battery yesterday! also the cpu never idles at 307mhz anymore now it idles around 1200 which explains why battery life is so terrible now and why the device is so slow! Also I have already done a factory reset. I feel like this is an attempt to make my current phone so undesirable  and to persuade me into buying a new phone (this seems illegal) please advise. my phone was purchased in may of 2017 so out of warranty -_-




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5 years ago

You can feel like that, but it's not a conspiracy. There are plenty of people using S7 and even S5 phones right now with no problems. If you've gone as far as an FDR, it sounds like you might have a bad battery. I would replace the phone through insurance if you have it or have the battery replaced since it's out of warranty anyway.

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