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Sunday, April 19th, 2015 3:05 PM

Note 4 Lollipop 5 update and encryption fail

After downloading Lollipop 5 multiple times and 2 phone calls to support with multiple failure to install, I had to totally reset my phone to the factory settings and remove the encryption. (Happy, happy, joy, joy--not!) First, to get my work email, contacts, tasks and calendar on my phone, I had to encrypt my device. This occurred because I used the free email app built in to Samsung. First I would download the update. It would then report when I chose continued that I had postponed the install. I would have to pull down the settings, find where it was reported pause and choose continue around 3-4 times before it would start installing. It would install to the reboot. When it would start back up it would report install failed. My thinking was it needed the encryption code and this update was not designed to let you supply the code in any fashion or ask for the code when it was needed. It would simply say locked out. In the midst of my angst over this update, I would like to say I spoke with a Mohammed in tech support who really knew the phone and remoted in. He pushed the update. The work around for the date and time block after a failed update forcing you to wait is that you can reset the date and time on your phone and get the update. (Why would at&t put a block on time to keep you from downloading the update more than once in a row???) Second, I discovered on the call back that not all at&t employees working tech support even know what encryption is. The only thing the second tech had to offer was did you try rebooting the phone? (Yes) and take it in to the at&t store or a best buy since they can flash the update. Since downloading the software was not the problem, I realized I needed to reset my phone to factory condition to remove the encryption. Since I now know this is going to be an issue with any and all updates, I bit the bullet and purchased an exchange app called Touchdown. I had purchased it for my former iPhone just to get my calendar color coded to match my Outlook calendar. Touchdown encrypts it's entire app even if the phone is encrypted. The good news is that it's encryption is enough and it is not asking me to encrypt my entire phone to work around an update any further. The bad news is my memory card probably needs wiped and restore since it should have an encrypted area. Since not all techs understand encryption, I hope this helps anyone else struggling to get this update. Second, sorry that Touchdown is $19.99 plus your state tax.



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9 years ago

Thanks for the detailed message. I am having similar problem with my Galaxy Note Edge. Download runs successfully. After initiating the update, the phone restarts & runs the update for 1% & then fails. I have tried multiple times. AT&T tech support was as clueless as a cow. I have an app called Airwatch which is an MDM app required by my company to use company mail. It encrypts the whole phone & I suspect that it is causing this issue. Let me know if you have any ideas that I can try.



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9 years ago

Thanks for the warning....I havn't updated both my Note 4 & Note Edge yet!!Smiley Wink
By the way,Lollipop 5.0 looks ugly .Smiley Indifferent

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