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Fri, Feb 13, 2015 2:12 AM

Note 4 dropping calls

I have a brand new AT&T Note 4. I can not maintain a phone call on it. It does not matter where I am or who I'm talking to it just drops the call. It'll say no service and there will be no bars. As soon as it hangs up all service is back. It only loses service when I'm on a call, no other time. This is very frustrating. Can anyone help or has anyone else had this problem?


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5 years ago

Hi @mynote4 , Thanks for reaching out. We apologize for the negative experience. We are happy to help. Does this happen in all areas or only in certain ones? We can start by performing a soft reset. Power off the device, remove the battery for two minutes and replace it. Power back on. If this does not help we can move on to safe mode. Safe mode temporarily disables all third party applications. Once in safe mode run and test the device for 2-4 hours. To exit safe mode reboot the device. Here are the steps If this device works in safe mode then a third party app is likely the cause. If so please uninstall third party apps until it stops. If these steps do not work please feel free to reach back out. ^Jake


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4 years ago

I am so very disappointed with your carrier service. If you had issues with LTE temporarily while you drop your 2G you should have let all tech support know so customers don't have to wait half day on phone support and the other half at the store for dropped cell calls and bad internet when all we have to do is turn off LTE to get 5 bars. Seriously!! I get that there are bugs when you upgrade systems but when NOBODY in support knows a temporary work around it is bad service and maddening!!!



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3 years ago

I have tried the solution steps up above and my note4 continues to drop calls anywhere from 2-4 min. Of use. Any other fixes?


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