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Friday, October 10th, 2014 7:48 PM

No one can see my emoji's in my text messages

I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 Active.  Anytime I put an emoji in a text message the recipient cannot see what it is.  It just shows up as symbols.  I have tried this to numerous types of phones (even a Samsung Galaxy S5) and none of them are able to see them.  Now, if someone else sends me a text with an emoji in it I can see it just fine.  I can't figure out what to do to fix this. Please help! Smiley Happy

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9 years ago

Hi lacyjo23, 

Thanks for reaching out.  We apologize for the negative experience. Are you using the stock Samsung keyboard to send emojis? In order for the recipient, to receive your emojis they will need to be running the same Samsung stock keyboard. 

Please have them check or install the stock keyboard and then test. Please have them check that and then let us know. Thanks. ^Jake 

Samsung Support.

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9 years ago

How an emoticon is displayed is the perogative of the phone, no?  You type :-), your samsung phone displays a Smiley Happy.  You click Send.  The text goes across with litterally ":-)". If the recipient's phone is like yours it displays Smiley Happy  If it doesn't do emoticon to emoji translations, they get ":-)"


Or am I missing something?


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