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Saturday, May 7th, 2022 8:27 AM

Mobile Security app battery drain

Until recently by Samsung S9 would last all day on a charge; now the battery is down to 15% be late afternoon.  In Device Help - Battery the AT&T ActiveAmor Mobile Security App uses 25% of the battery usage.  Should I remove the app?

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2 years ago

We want to equip you with some battery saving tips, @DavidP333


Let's address your concerns with the ActiveArmor app. We recommend removing the app then reinstalling it to see if it still has the same effect on your battery. 


With phones getting more powerful and becoming part of our day to day activities, battery life conversation is necessary to make sure the phone makes it through the entire day. One of the worst things that can happen is having a dead phone when you need it most. Find out different things you can do to preserve your battery life:

  • Optimize your device. ~ On some android devices, you can have it optimize your device for you, which will make sure it's running at optimal settings to conserve battery life. Go to Settings > Device Maintenance and choose Optimize.
  • Battery Settings. ~ Go to Settings > Device Maintenance > Battery to check what apps are using most of your battery life. If you see one that is taking more than normal, check the settings or delete it.
  • Data polling Settings. ~ Change the frequency of how often your apps, such as Twitter, Facebook, and E-mail, fetch new data. Each app is different, and you can usually find this option in the settings tab in the app. For example, for the default mail app, go into the Settings on it, select your mailbox name you wish to edit, select Sync Settings.
  • Disable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. ~ If you are not using either of these features, disabling them when not in use can help increase battery life. For most phones, you can swipe down to bring up the Notification Bar to enable and disable them.
  • Remove unnecessary widgets. ~ Widgets are what make the home screen great, but if you do not see yourself using a certain widget that much, remove it off your home screen to save battery life.
  • Disable auto-brightness. ~ Auto-brightness is a great feature, but it may amp up the brightness when it is not necessary. To disable it, go to Settings > Display and Disable Auto Brightness.
  • Disable Google Hotwords. ~ Ok Google' is a great and convenient feature, but it drains battery, as it has to be listening all the time. Disabling the feature or changing it to work only when you are in the app can help save a lot of battery life. To disable it, go to Apps > Settings > Accounts. Select the Google Account and go to the Search section. In the Privacy section, tap on Voice. Tap on OK Google hotword detection and turn off this feature.
  • Ring over vibrate. ~ Vibrate is a good way not to disturb others, but it takes more battery to vibrate then ring.
  • Disable haptic features. ~ Getting feedback while typing makes the phone feel more responsive, but it does drain battery. Go to Settings > Sounds and Vibration. Disable the vibration features.
  • Tweak Doze mode. ~ Doze mode kicks in when you do not use your device, and it puts your phone into a deeper sleep mode. To make a few changes, go to Settings > Device > Battery. Touch the 3 vertical dots and select Battery optimization.  From here, you can use the drop down to change between "Not optimized" and "All apps." Under "All apps," you can select the app and choose to optimize it. For other devices, you may see the option when you enter Battery, and you can select what apps you want to go into sleep mode.
  • Disable Notifications. ~ Notifications are useful, but they drain battery to wake up the phone to provide an alert. Disable the notifications on apps that are not needed. Go to Settings > Notifications and select the apps you wish to disable.
  • Power Saving Mode. ~ Have the phone do the power saving for you. By going to Settings > Device Maintenance > Battery, you can select between multiple power saving modes.

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Let us know how this information helps! 


Sydne, AT&T Community Specialist

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