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Sunday, September 15th, 2019 3:45 AM

Issue with new Samsung Call and Text on other devices feature

I'm having an issue with this new Samsung feature (Call & text on other devices).


Here is a link to the feature:


I have a Samsung Note 10+ and a Samsung Tab S6. Both were purchased from Samsung directly. The Note 10+ is a AT&T variant and the Tab S6 is wifi only.


When I go to "settings" on the Tab S6 and search, I find the option and am able to enable it, however, when I search for the same option on the Note 10+, it's not found. I have attached screenshots from both devices.


I have already contacted Samsung and they said that the option should on the 10+ unless AT&T it blocking it. I'm guessing that perhaps you are blocking it so you can sell your "numbersync" feature but I hope that it not the case. Customers should be fully allowed to exploit the capabilities of the devices that they purchase.


The reason that I did not purchase an "unlocked" phone from Samsung is because the last time I did, "wifi calling" was disabled by AT&T. I was told that customers lose enhanced LTE features and capabilities with unlocked devices.


Please advise  . . .

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3 years ago


Not sure you're understanding .  Neither Verizon or AT&T support Samsung Call and Text on other devices.  



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3 years ago

Yeah, I realized my post wasn't all that clear. It has been edited. I am talking about the call & text feature. Thanks!

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3 years ago

Download "Samsung Flow" u can do task on your phone from your tablet or pc!

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