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Sat, Jan 18, 2020 6:27 AM

Incoming calls being answered remotely by stranger

Hello, thanks in advance for any help.

I have a Galaxy S8+. I formerly used a Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch with it's own phone number, and I had the "Number Sync" feature linked to my phone. If you aren't aware, that is a feature that would allow me to answer calls on my watch that were inbound to my phone. Well after a year I decided I didn't need the phone line on my watch any longer, so I closed it.

Somehow, even though the watch no longer has an active phone line, and the Number Sync feature is disabled and the watch/phone are no longer linked... incoming calls to my phone are still being forwarded to the # that my watch used to have. The big problem is that # is now owned by a random customer not at all associated with me. So I have friends/family/co-workers calling MY phone, suddenly my phone displays a message saying "answered remotely" and they are suddenly talking to her instead of me.

I've called into AT&T support twice, and visited my local AT&T store twice. Nobody is able to help. I've been told to factory reset the watch, which I have. I've been issued a new SIM card.

This is a huge issue and I need some help.



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4 weeks ago

I do know how numbersync works, and that isn't it.

Numbersync allows secondary device to spoof the number on your primary device. It does not forward the calls to the data-only number used by a watch or tablet.

Numbersync functions based on a user name and password created for you phone line. Unless someone has created number sync with the exact same username and password as yourself, this would not be possible. I would suggest you change your password on your AT&T account or line.

If that doesn't fix the problem, the I would recommend you call AT&T and have your account trouble shooted by tech support.

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Hello, I didn't have a data only number on the watch. Unless by data only you mean texts and phone calls. It had an active line that could make it's own phone calls even if my phone was in another state.

I had Number Sync tied to my real cell phone number to the watch number. This let my watch receive my phone calls, somehow, when someone called my cell phone number. This IS STILL happening, even though I don't own the phone number associated with the watch any longer. My at&t app says there is no device number-synced. My SIM has been replaced. My watch has been factory reset. All passwords changed, pins changed, emails changed.

There seems to be no way to fix this on my own. The store can't help. The phone support couldn't help. Is there some higher tier tech support that nobody is directing me to?