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Thursday, August 4th, 2022 8:21 PM

IMEI & SIM ICCID Drops Off AT&T Network?

Does anyone else have this issue? I own my own Samsung phones and just pay for monthly SIM service.  It seems that every 6 months the device which is registered to my AT&T account drops off from being authenticated from AT&T's networks. I can make outbound calls but no one can hear me. I can receive SMS but not send.  No LTE or 5G services work, I get a great signal but no IP address to use the data services.  On my account, when I sign in there is no device displayed under My Device there is a icon with a "?" in it.  I usually see my phone photo, model#. 

I have to call in, provide my IMEI, Model# & SIM ICCID (which is AT&Ts) all over again, reboot and I am back on the network.  This happened with my S20 Ultra 5G and now my S22 Ultra.  Only this time around I could not find anyone else which understands the issue to fix it.  After 4 people - they told me there is a state wide outage or update going on and they would get my issue looked at.  There is no state wide outage or update.  My AT&T straight talk phone works just fine. 

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1 year ago

Hello, @itsHAD. Thank you for reaching out to us about your Galaxy S22 Ultra dropping from our network. We know how important it is to maintain a connection to the network. We can help. 


Let's try some important troubleshooting steps:

We also have a troubleshooting tool that can help pinpoint what the issue is that is causing the phone to drop from the network. 


Let us know if this helps! If you have any other questions or concerns, please reach back out to us!


TT, AT&T Community Specialist

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