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Sunday, August 16th, 2020 12:47 AM

I need to unlock my wife's note 4 screen.

There's some info that I need to access and we've forgotten the old password. Do I need a SIM card? I think it is OS 5. We were burned out of Paradise in the Camp Fire in Nov. 2018. We lost everything including 99% of all our old family photos. My wife had a lot of older pictures copied onto that old phone. I would appreciate any ideas anyone has. Thanks, Tom and Cathy

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3 years ago

Only way to remove the screen lock is to erase the phone which defeats the purpose of trying to recover pictures that are on it. User locks are entirely user controlled, at&t cannot remove them.   I would recommend you try a local phone repair shop like you break I fix, they may be able to help.  .

    Always back up your phones.  Google photo, samsung cloud, amazon all provide back up services. 

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