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Fri, Aug 5, 2022 3:03 AM

I need a trade-in shipping label and package

I ordered a S22 Ultra with a Tab S8+ recently on the 1st and 3rd of August 2022.  Order #

(Edited per community guidelines)

(Edited per community guidelines)

Account # (Edited per community guidelines)

I selected I will trade-in my Note 10+ 256gb for the $800 prepaid debit card promotion and it was on my receipt or contract.  I went into a store at

Pacific Place 

(Edited per community guidelines)

and spoke to 1 lady who was the manager she said and two guys who all said they wont honor the contract or the "Device Trade-in Receipt" they wanted me to sign!!!

I told them I ordered online and did my trade-in online with receipts for proof of purchase and contract.  They said it doesn't matter!!!!

I would only get bill credits at $22 for 36 months for $800 total.  I told them it says...

"For trade-ins online at att.com, you will receive an AT&T Promotional Card, issued by MetaBank, Member FDIC.  Instant Credit and Promotional Card may only be used for AT&T products and services in AT&T owned retail stores, at att.com or to pay your wireless bill".

They refused to honor the instant credit card promotion or their on contract!!!!!! They told me I need a shipping label for trade-in.  What is wrong with this stupid place?

Please mail me one to my address for the account on file.

Invoice of this transaction at the store was # 20080522001092 - 8/4/22 9:52 PM EDT

Item # FS-740911508

IMEI (Edited per community guidelines)

It met all conditions valid for trade in.

Please contact me.  I want an escalation or manager.

I've already had 2 agents and 2 supervisors on the phone and 1 manager on the phone for 4 hours for the Tab S8+ order nightmare and shipping canceling recanceling double order mess.

Now I'm dealing with another problem with the Trade-in!!!!

I want a Manager or someone higher.




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4 months ago

Hello @sang_beom_lee_1987,

Please be mindful about sharing your personal details like, Phone number, email id, IMEI number, account number, last name, Credit/Debit card number, order number, Driver licence details, address. This is a public forum and your privacy is very important to us. As per AT&T Community Forum's guidelines http://sm.att.com/b9b8aa02 your personal details will be scrubbed. Have a great day!

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4 months ago

Phone trade-in is for 36 month for the 800 bucks.  It says so right in the terms on the main ATT page.


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4 months ago

There is no instant credit promotion for a trade in phone. Where did you see that? To request trade in shipping label, go to https://tradein.att.com/contact-us


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4 months ago

Step 3 says:

Get an AT&T Device Offer or Promotional Card

You can choose the $800 device offer or the Promotional Card. They are different programs. The trade-in program for the promotional card is only the actual value of the phone you trade in. It looks like the Note 10+ 256 gb is worth $140.  What exactly does you receipt say?

Since you haven't sent the phone in yet, you can check ebay or swappa and see if you could get more for it by selling it yourself. If so, that's probably your better bet. 

If you did choose the promo card option and want to send it in, go to the contact us page linked above. If you no longer want to buy the new phone, you have 14 days (more like 10 days now) to return it and only owe the restocking fee. 

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