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Friday, May 26th, 2017 8:17 AM





I am writing this because I cannot unlock my Galaxy S7 Edge (SM-G935A) that I purchased from Best Buy.

I paid off installments on my device 2 days ago and had a chat with one of your agents to figure out how to unlock my phone.

Agent told me to wait another day since it might take up to 24 hours to process, but it definitely seems like there is a communication problem between at&t and best buy. Link


I tried for million times and still won't work and it says "The IMEI you entered does not appear to be an AT&T wireless phone or tablet. Please re-enter the correct 15-digit IMEI number for your AT&T wireless phone or tablet. You can obtain the IMEI number from the wireless phone by dialing *#06#."


Here are things you might want to know

- I paid off full installment 2 days ago

- I purchased my at&t version Galaxy S7 Edge from Best Buy

- I used to be on at&t next plan (I cancelled my line yesterday because I won't be using at&t service for next 3 months since I am in South Korea for visiting my family)



I've been waiting to unlock this phone for a week now and I am tired of not being able to use. Please help!

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6 years ago

If you canceled service before unlocking your phone, you have extended the wait time/problem.  The phone won't be unlocked until you pay your final bill, which is sent on the usual date.

You should have planed further ahead, paid off the phone a month early, then unlocked it BEFORE canceling service.  




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6 years ago

Actually it has nothing to do with him canceling the line especially because it says it is not an at&t device I've seen this when buying a phone from the manufacturer of the phone as well

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