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Friday, March 1st, 2024 9:14 PM

"How can I set GOOGLE VOICE to become my VOICEMAIL provider, when I have an ATT account, on a Galaxy s24?"

Voicemail is an ATT service that is available for you to set up and use.  But, the way it works is mostly, simply a rule that sends missed calls to play your message, and record that caller's message for you to retrieve later.  Setting up any VM system, is really just FORWARDING the "right calls" to your VM system, which is already preset from ATT, but can be changed.

Here's the SIMPLE link to the SETTINGS for forwarding your phone # on the S24:

--- (NOTE -- the FULL URI is shown you you can copy the TEXT ONLY, and not the link, which can have hidden redirects)

Google Voice is a service that Google about 2009 from Grand Central.  It hasn't changed a lot, but it acts as if it is a full voice and text service, and not just Voicemail.   It is free for GMail personal users, and you can choose a new GV number, or even port in your own number.  (Think HARD before moving your cell # though.)  It then is used so that when calls come into that number, you can answer in their app, on you PC in a web browser, or FORWARDED to your CELL PHONE ##.


Most importantly for this discussion, you can use your GV account for your ATT Voicemail, which comes with distinct advantages.  You can set up rules form different numbers, and play different greetings.  For instance, if Google thinks the number is spam, the caller will get, "This number is not in service!".  Any callers you mark as spam will also get that message, automatically.  The phonebook[s] are your CONTACTS in Google accounts on your phone. 

("Google CONTACTS" is a mess, in that if you have four accounts on your phone from shared users, shared personal/company, they can all show up in one contact list.  I recommend trying to manage to use only ONE personal GMail account as primary, and that way you can go only there to manage. 

I've also used a free phone sync app for about 15 years, which allows EACH of your cell phone's data calls, missed, in/out calls, to all be collected to your PC.  I have separate sets of data from 6 Samsung phones, and several tablets.  It is also my GOTO file manager for devices.  Connect to your phones using USB, Wifi, or BT from your PC.  Sync your contacts and you can edit the different databases from there.  You can also search your text messages, add and delete program files, use clipboards, etc., and use this to add or delete files to / from your PC.  You can also send text messages from a phone that is connected.

Search for the app, MyPhoneExplorer, and at least for now, this is the most current information.  You should verify the MD5, in case you end up in the wrong place or the wrong file:
Algorithm : MD5 Hash      : E14DA27FDE9CC1FDF84EB499ABD21FC3
Path      : D:\Users\.....\Downloads\MyPhoneExplorer_Setup_2.1.exe

If you get value from his work, he's a private developer, so consider a tip, which I should also consider doing soon myself as a thanks.

Setting up Voicemail on the s24 for ATT accounts:

  1. The Simple answer, is to go to GENERAL SETTINGS on the s24 phone, and SEARCH for "CALL FORWARDING"  That brings you to a settings page, that has four conditions that you can set your phone number.   
  2. NOTE:  Do NOT try to change the dialer's preset "Voicemail provider", which is set for "your carrier".  (The other numbers on that page I changed, but they did NOT set my GV to voicemail, and I do not know what they do.).
  3. First, WRITE DOWN the number that is currently listed for ATT Call Forwarding.  That is your ATT voicemail number that was already assigned by ATT, even if you never "set it up".  They say that your ATT voicemail account will disappear, if you don't set it up within 60 days.  I don't think I care, since I have GV.  But you might want to "set it up", so you could use that number for an EXTRA VOICEMAIL later, for some other purpose in the future, and you'd have an extra VM for a backup service.  For instance, you could tell GV to forward ONLY special or selected calls to that ATT Voicemail system.
  4. ADD your GV number  - On the LAST 3 choices, add your Google Voice #.  -- Do NOT add it to the first, unless you don't want to answer your cell number at all, while on your phone.  
  5. TEST it: -- I tried calling my regular CELL, and it rang a few times, and then STOPPED ringing the phone, and instantly played my Google Voice recording for callers. 
  6. INSTALL the GV APP -- GET your Google Voicemails from your phone, PC, or tablet:  Install the GV APP on your s24, and put an ICON on your "always on, bottom row".  Then you can always bring up the DIALER, and GOOGLE VOICE to see your VM, missed calls, or text messages.  IF you have your phone set properly, you can choose which number AND SERVICE to use for outbound calls, when you hit "call".   I always leave that GV webpage up on my PC, and can manage VM, texts, etc., easier than a tiny phone.   -- Note that most all spam calls will show any Voicemail as "NO Transcript".  It is so frequent, I often test sound by finding a real VM.
  7. Optional, but highly recommended:  Forward NOTIFICATIONS in GV to EMAIL and to send a TEXT message to you ATT CELL ##.  That way, you can see what, if anything, they said, and never "listen" to another VM, unless you want to.  -- Oh, and GV is FREE for personal GMAIL users.

Note to ATT SUPPORT --- When I called in several times, they told me it was impossible to change VM providers.  Obviously now, that isn't quite true.

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Note to ATT SUPPORT --- When I called in several times, they told me it was impossible to change VM providers.  Obviously now, that isn't quite true.

AT&T doesn't give you a way of changing voice mail.  You can use phone features to customize your call handling, as you have done, which has the same effect.

If I call my water company and ask about reverse-osmosis-filtered water, they'll say they don't provide filtered water.  But I can put a filter on my water lines.


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