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Wednesday, September 21st, 2022 2:30 AM

How are they gonna Push DEFECTIVE GARBAGE!!!!

Bought the new Galaxy Flip phone 4. Had it for 3 weeks and the screen decides to crack at the fold. Start going through the right channels to get it fixed and seen to. Wouldn't you know I start getting the run around. First sending me to Samsung saying you need to warranty it knowing full well they wont for physical damage to the phone even if the DEFECTIVE PIECE OF (Edited per community guidelines) did it on its own under the screen protector that's still on the phone when you get it.2nd Samsung sends me to an "AUTHERIZED" repair shop, and on the way the crack decides to kill my touch screen making it so I don't have a phone at all, which just flat out says sorry cant do anything that's an $800 screen go to AT&T about it. 3rd AT&T says oh you need to call another number they should be able to help you its the AT&T warranty department its self, which low and behold still does jack and all since physical damage still means they want nothing to do with me. That number then tries to transfer me over to the ASURION but it is closed already so now I must go a day with out my phone. Lastly I FINALLY get on the phone with ASURION but they end up transferring me again to another warranty department , who to no ones surprise says still they can do nothing at all so here I am being transferred to ASURION again. They finally figure it out and help me a little bit but I still get charged a deductible  even though THEY PUSH AND SELL A DEFECTIVE PIECE OF GARBAGE!!!! I WILL NEVER AGAIN RECOMMEND ANY EVER GOES TO AT&T AGAIN  CAUSE THIS RUN AROUND HAS BEEN ABSURD ALONG WITH THE FACT THAT I HAD JUST GOTTEN THIS BRAND NEW PHONE THERE SHOULD BE NO REASON IN (Edited per community guidelines) I SHOULD HAVE TO PAY ANOTHER DIME TO FIX THEIR TRASH!!!ITS SO BAD I WOULD GO SO FAR AS TO CALL AT&T A SCAM WHICH IS SAD SINCE I HAVE BEEN WITH THEM FOR YEARS AT THIS POINT!!!

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2 years ago

AT&T doesn’t make the phones. Deal with assurion of course you have to pay a deductible same as car insurance. 

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2 years ago

🤦🏼‍♀️.  That's quite dramatic. 

No one 'pushed' a particular phone on you, any more than they 'push' iPhones on people, which clearly, you are immune as 57% of USA smartphones users have them. 

    This is absolutely nothing to do with AT&T.  The Flip 4 is NOT an AT&T product. 

This is a Samsung product it is sold by every retailer that sells Electronics, like best buy, target, walmart, Costco, etc.  And all service providers, Verizon, T-Mobile, US Cellular, etc... 

     Samsung and Asurion authorizes repair centers.   Asurion is the insurance provider for all  mobile providers. 

    Samsung now makes 5 flagship phones and a few mid a low range phones it sells through the US carriers and retailers.  

    Apple and Samsung advertise heavily before new phones come out.  (You're supposed to go to the bathroom or hunt for snacks during commercials, you've got 5 minutes) 

    You picked this phone, you didn't have to do so. 

Personal responsibility!  

     I was in Target recently and they have the flip 4 on display, and all you have to do is open it and see the plastic screen has a crease.   Yuck.  Fortunately I have an S22 with a solid screen.   No problems.  Perfect phone.

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