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The Samsung Galaxy S23
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Thursday, October 23rd, 2014 6:38 PM

Galaxy S4 I337UCUFNI1 update

After getting the update my battery life has greatly decreased. It looks like the Android System and Android OS are taking mose of the power. Is there a way to increase my battery life? Right now all I have turned on is WiFi, autobrightness and sync but with the same settings on the prevous version my battery life was great. I also have powersaving mode turned on.


Thanks for your help!

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9 years ago


Thanks for your inquiry. We do have some troubleshooting steps we can try to improve the battery life.


Try turning off any feature or apps you do not use, widgets or wallpapers that are constantly using up power.

Try going to Menu>Settings>More>Application manager>All then press Menu>Reset app preferences.

Boot up the device in Safe Mode - for about 2 hours and tell us if this helps.

If these steps do not help, then we would suggest a re-flash of the device, since it might be that the update did not correctly install. You can perform a re-flash at your local AT&T store or a Samsung Experience Shop at a Best Buy.

Thank you,

Samsung Support ^Kov



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9 years ago

I tried to stop the update, but ATT pushed it anyway. I did not need the update or changes.

Now, ATT charged me extra data usage, my battery usage is awfull, device is getting warm and constant notifications that I did not approve.

Worst of all: I lost all of my music that was paid for!!!  I lost my valuable S notes. maybe even some photos - I lost a count.

Stupid phone by Samsung, stupid ATT, stupid me for signing up.

Going back to iphone next year.

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