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Monday, June 15th, 2015 1:36 PM

Galaxy Alpha Unlock Request

I bought my wife a GSM unlocked Galaxy Alpha a few months ago.  I'm trying to remove all of the AT&T bloatware but it won't let me.  Also, whenever I attempt to unlock the phone via the online tool, it says the device is not recognized.  


Anyone know what could be the issue here?

ACE - Expert


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8 years ago

If the phone is already unlocked, (as you said you bought an unlocked phone) the phone will not be recognized. You cannot delete the "bloatware" unless you root the phone.

If the phone is locked and never been used on the AT&T system, the system will not recognize the phone. You will need to private message @ATTMobilityCare with your contact and account information and someone will get in touch with you.

ACE - Sage


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8 years ago

You can't remove all the Bloatware. But you can reduce it and disable some apps.
Be aware, not all apps, bloat or not should be disabled or uninstalled.

What I did:
Open settings, scroll to application manager.
Select app you want uninstalled. Dump cache, delete data, uninstall or disable the app.

With any app you could not uninstall, you have to prevent the app from reinstalling and updating.
Open Play Store, tap on lines at top left, then select My Apps.
Scroll down the list to App you disabled.
Select the app
Tap on dots at top right and uncheck the 'auto update' box.

I found a lot more apps on the Alpha that I could uninstall compared to my other Samsung phones.
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