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Monday, November 28th, 2022 10:46 PM

Fold 3 Defective Screen AT&T will not honor replacement

Wondering if anyone has dealt with the same issue.  Bought a Fold 3 in October 2021.  Screen cracked and separated on the folding part in June '22.  Was told that there was no Samsung service center around to fix the screen and that I had an option to send Samsung my phone for 3 weeks to fix.  Can't go 3 weeks without a phone. 

I was told that there were no options for warranty replacement as there was screen damage.  Screen Damage = Damage by customer = forced to use Asurion for an insurance claim with deductible.  The phone has been in a case since day 1, never dropped, not exposed to water.  Just used like a normal phone.  Soon after the crack appeared, the screen protector separated from the phone with a big bubble.  Bit the bullet and paid the insurance claim.  I guess I hoped that it was a one shot deal (as I really like the phone).  5 months later and there is another crack forming.  I'd imagine that it will bubble soon.  Calls to "Customer Support" is no help.  They only recommend Asurion.  "Customer Loyalty" is no help.  They tell me I can upgrade a line for a new phone.  They also said that I was just out of my 1 year warranty period - that was refused to me the first time.  A(Edited per community guidelines)olute dead end.

So now I wait.  Frustrated.  AT&T wont honor their $2k phone they sell - even though they know it's defective.  It's shameful and borderline fraudulent.  I paid $300 for the first insurance claim.  Not doing that again.  Maybe I'll try to peel off the inner protective screen before it damages the actual screen.  We'll see.

Not good at all.  I have 10 lines on this account and pay over $6k a year.  I really should switch but I imagine I'd be trading one (Edited per community guidelines) for another.

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2 months ago

Frustrated.  AT&T wont honor their $2k phone they sell - even though they know it's defective. 

Not AT&T's product.  AT&T is a retailer for Samsung products just like any other retailer. Including verizon, t-mobile, big box stores like Best Buy and Target. None of them made the phone they are not responsible for it.  If AT&T didn't sell the phone just like all of those other retailers, people would switch to those other retailers in order to buy the phone from them.  It's also possible that AT&T has a contract with Samsung that requires them to carry whatever Samsung phone advertises. 

The Z flip and z fold is Samsung's product.  AT&T is not responsible, never was responsible, for warranty.  They can exchange via Samsung's agreement if it's a manufacture defect.  Physical damage as you describe doesn't look like a defect, so they call it damage. 

Samsung backs the warranty for one year.  ... So it expired in October 2022.   

5 months later and there is another crack forming.  I'd imagine that it will bubble soon.

You should have traded in that lemon for a regular flat screen while you could.

My father was a stress engineer. And if there's one thing that we learned is that everything has its Breaking Point, and a solid item no matter how thin and how flexible will eventually break. When I first saw the idea of a folding phone screen, I predicted that they would be the most warrantied item in Samsung's lineup.

    I should have placed a bet in Vegas on this.  Even odds, I'd still double my money.

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