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The Samsung Galaxy S23

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Tuesday, June 15th, 2021 8:14 PM

Facebook Authentication, unable to receive the code

I cannot get the Facebook Authentication Code.   I have tried the other means of authenticating my ID but I get a random blot email from Facebook indicating not a correct form of ID (I have used my driver's license, password, and even my marriage application), ID blurry or doesn't have my name on it, etc.  Clearly no one monitoring what you send because the emails are returning instantaneously.

So I am back to trying to receive the code on my phone.    I noticed on my Samsung S8 I starting having issues in FB after a Security Enhancement for Android status was made in the late evening the day before.  I am using Android Version 9.  Can I roll this back?  Does it require a complete reset?

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2 years ago

There are a pair of steps you can try which may help resolve your experience, @!

Let's help you with that! First, we want to advise that once your phone is updated, currently, there is no way of reinstalling a previous software version. Second, try the steps below to help receive that Authentication code on your phone. 

  • How is the signal strength on your device, poor or strong? Check our coverage map to receive an approximation of service in your area.
    • If you're experiencing call and text message trends on your device, reach back and verify your ZIP code so that we may provide support.
  • If you haven't already, follow the steps below to restart your device. Applying this action will refresh your device's connection to the network, resolving minor conflicts on the device. 
      1. Press and hold the Power/Lock button, then select Power off.
      2. Select Power off to confirm.
      3. To turn the device back on, press and hold the Power/Lock button until the screen lights up.
  • Make sure Premium SMS is enabled on your Samsung Galaxy S8.
    • Settings > Apps > Special Access > Use Premium SMS Services.
      • If you know the Authentication code, you should send a text to join Facebook's text list which would result in an automated text being sent back to your phone.

Should your experience persist despite the first steps you may need to contact Facebook Support to check whether there are workarounds regarding developed trends interfering with the deliverability of that Authentication code to mobile devices.


Let us know how this info helps!


Lar, AT&T Community Specialist

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1 year ago

I'm having the same problem with no clear solutions so far. No auth code ever gets sent to my phone. 

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