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Sun, Dec 21, 2014 7:42 PM

Can Not Unlock my Samsung Galaxy S3


2 questions: 


1st Qestions:   I have applied to unlock my phone (my phone is out of contract and unrooted or anything like that). 


The first code that was sent did not work, since than, I have called 6 times (over 2 hours each time) now and recieved 5 codes all did not work. 

The instructions include something along the line of: 

Unlocking Instructions:

1.Power device on with a Non-Att sim

2. Phone will ask for the unlock code(network control key)

3. Enter the unlock code


My phone is still not unlocked.


What do I do now? 


2nd question: Can I get my phone unlocked through a 3rd party and ask AT&T to pay for the unlock? 


Thank you,

A very frustrated and unhappy customer!




FOUND SOLUTION: I was visiting some other forms and tried a solution that "sschittoor" listed and IT WORKED! 



"  I was having the same problem with my S3. ATT has given me the same unlock code again and again. As a result of my extensive internet search, I found this and this worked for me. I unlocked my phone with the same unlock code given by ATT. Hope this would be helpful. 


Inset a NON ATT sim and switch on the phone.


When it prompts you to enter the unlock code, dismiss the unlock code screen.


a. Go to the Dial pad and dial *#197328640#

b. Please click on number [1] UMTS > [1] Debugging screen > [8] Phone Control > [6] NETWORK LOCK

c. You will see 3 options

d. Please click on number [1] Perso Sha256 INFO, the screen will change slightly

e. Please hit the MENU button then when the menu pops up please carefully hit BACK to return to the previous screen

f. Next Please click on number [2] Perso Sha256 ON, the screen will change again to a one line message

g. Restart the phone on the screen by holding the power button and click RESTART

h. When the phone prompts for the unlock code simply enter the unlock code provided to you

i. Your phone is now permanently unlocked!  "  

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Nice of you to post a solution.
It will help others with the same problem if you check it as "solved" so it will appear when others type a similar question.
Thanks on their behalf.
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