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Saturday, May 20th, 2023 2:45 AM



I am tired of foreign call center representatives who cannot understand English! Today I called about an $1,100 phone I returned almost 1 month ago, it seemed to "BE MISSING" according to AT&T (there is an installment charge on my upcoming bill). I just so happens that #1 they received my phone 10 days ago (but still wanted to bill me?) & #2 "one of their representatives had incorrectly spelled my email". I did not get the notification that they received it because (by self admittance) a rep mispelled the email. After we got that sorted out, 36 minutes later, I got off of the phone and checked my email THAT REP SENT ME ANOTHER PHONE!!!! Tomorrow I get to spend another 40 minutes talking to another person who does not understand English!!!!!! It happens EVERYTIME I CALL! NO COVVID EXCUSES PLEASE!!!

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