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Sat, Dec 11, 2021 6:53 AM

ATT Store says my S7 is not 4G but I don't believe them...

ATT Store says my Galaxy S7 is not 4G but I don't believe them... The S7 is/was a "spare" phone. My S5 still works. They shut off my 3G S3 (owned since new) and automatically ported to the free Motivate phone received a few months back. I don't care that it was free--it still (Edited per community guidelines) (volume button on right side, "special" charging port, no external indicator light for charge, calls or messages).

So I went down to the ATT store to get a micro SIM for the S7 to put it into service and the clerk programmed a SIM for it but it came back with a "not provisioned" error. Another clerk claimed the phone is not supported but why would the S5 still be supported? My daughter used the S7 last year for a few months after breaking her iPhone 7 (she now has a 12) so I know it works on ATT.

So what gives? Did the clerk at the store not program the SIM properly? The phone companies getting rid of 3g is f***ing (Edited per community guidelines)! :mad:

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7 m ago

The only Samsung Galaxy S7 that will get voice over LTE is the AT&T version. If your S7 is the unlocked version or a different carriers version it does not work with a voice over LTE.

If the phone is still active on AT&T right now, you can see this by making a phone call.  The phone will show its voice calls over 3g/4g, when it should be over LTE.  Compatible phones show VoLTE in notification bar

The old Samsung Galaxy S5 and S6 from AT&T will still work on AT&T.   Non AT&T versions will not.

Here's the lists:

Unlocked phones that will work on AT&T now that 3-g is going away

At&t devices that will continue to work after 3g shut down



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7 m ago

It’s very possible your s7 is not supported but your s5 is. There is a list of supported phones, if the exact model of your s7 is not on the list, it’s not supported.


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7 m ago

Hey there, @bobthegalaxy! We want to advise that the info @sandblaster provided is correct.


You will want to make sure the exact model of your Samsung Galaxy S7 is found among those devices that will work once 3G goes away. If not, you will want to replace it with an HD Voice capable device.


4G LTE handsets use our 3G network for voice calls. For example, iPhone 6 devices and newer will continue to work. However, iPhone 5 and older will not work due to their incompatibility with our HD Voice network. Systematically you will see a 4G LTE indicator for data on a 3G dependent device.


AT&T plans to end service on 3G/3G HSPA+ wireless networks on February 2022, enabling our network to better accommodate next generation technologies and services.


Customers still using a 3G dependent device (including non-HD LTE devices) are encouraged to move to newer devices to ensure the best possible experience.


We hope this info helps. Thank you for reaching out to our Community!


Lar, AT&T Community Specialist

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