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Friday, December 9th, 2022 9:04 AM


Suggestion for Business Opportunity and new market for ATT - Virtual Cell phone number

There are a lot of people who are former residents of USA and are now no longer living in USA.

These people continue to have financial accounts and non financial accounts in the USA and these institutions are sending MFA - Multi factor authentication numbers to US cell phone numbers via text message. ATT prepaid cell phone in USA does not support international roaming  in several countries (except for few countries in europe, canada etc).

I strongly recommend ATT to offer an Addon for sale that would make their cell phone numbers (especially prepaid) to work virtually (over internet connection). ATT subscribers who no longer live in the USA will be very happy to receive Multi factor authentication text messages and calls over the internet in countries outside the USA where ATT does not currently offer international roaming.

I subscribed to ATT prepaid while in the USA and I have moved to India subsequently. ATT prepaid does not work in India and I am facing an issue with getting Multi factor authentication text messages / calls from my banks and investment accounts in the USA.

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10 months ago


Most banks and financial institutions will not permit a virtual number for two-factor Authentication.

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