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Tuesday, May 10th, 2022 9:01 AM

Purdue 20 percent off for prepaid options?

I'm looking at the Unlimited prepaid option that is currently at $50/month. I saw on a Purdue website that "AT&T offers a 20 percent monthly service discount on qualified voice and data plans to Purdue University students." Does this mean that if I choose this Unlimited option as a Purdue student, the price would be $40/month? 

Does this same discount apply to the Unlimited prepaid option if I add another line? For example, if I added another line, it would be $90/month in total. With the 20 percent discount, would it be $72/month?

I've tried to create a user ID to ask personalized questions but the website comes up blank if I use chrome, and shows this if I use safari:

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2 years ago

Prepaid does not offer any other discounts other than auto pay, and multi-line if you cooperate with other students.

The unlimited prepaid plan is $50 if you sign up on AT&T website. You can sign up through Walmart and get the unlimited Max for $45. That price is after auto-pay discount and before taxes.


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