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Wed, Jun 24, 2020 3:13 AM

How can I cancel my plan outside the US?

I've left the US three months ago and have been trying to cancel my phone plan since (I am not planning to go back soon). From here, I have called the office and tried to get into my account, however, none of my PIN combinations was correct even though I usually only use a few. I then tried to reset my password on the paygonline website, (after trying a couple more combinations and got restricted) but my phone cannot receive texts with that number anymore since I took it off and it would not work in my country. Is there any other way I can get into my account, maybe with my email address or name or other personal information? My host family went to the store in Poplar Bluff to cancel the prepaid on her card since the phone number was obligated to it and also couldn't do that. This happened because the call center would not process the plan cancelation before I left the country. We're still losing money monthly. Thanks in advance. 


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1 y ago

To cancel prepaid, just stop paying. You can’t login to your account because account access is blocked from outside of the US. Your only options to stop autopay without account access are to call the international support number or cancel your credit or debit card that is used for autopay. A possible workaround for account access is to use a VPN connection to a US based network or have someone you know and trust in the US login and do it for you.

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