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Sun, May 20, 2018 5:51 AM

Changed AT&T GoPhone Plan Which Cancelled My Service

The title pretty much sums it up, I changed my service from the $45($40 with autopay) to the $35($30 with autopay) and when I did, it immediately terminated my service and demanded I paid another $35. I still had a week left on my previous plan before it would've renewed. Is there way I can get that last week before the new plan takes effect or was I ripped off a week of service?

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4 y ago

Sorry, no. That is the way prepaid works. When you change your plan, you terminate the old plan and lose any remaining days. Why did you change your plan with a week left?

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4 y ago

Included with your SIM card or phone were the terms.  Read section 4.





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3 y ago

 I figured out that's the way they get you with the autopay, you see they figure they can trick you legally by throwing up thier T.O.S as thier shield to say we can break it off in ya but heres what makes me mad you enroll in autopay so you can save 5 to 10 bucks then they will start advertising a better plan that may be a lil more or lil less than what you are paying, knowing hard working people like us are going to want the most bang for our buck they maliciously set that trap so that when you change your plan you must do so b4 autopay deducts for your current plan so when you switch you either have to be johnny on the spot and jump in right b4 it deducts to avoid any loss of service or make the mistake we did by going ahead and switching plans only to find out it leaves you without service til your plan renews. And they know if you do this a week or even a few days b4 the expiration of old plan chances are we need our phones so bad that we end up biting the bullet and what was suppose to save us 5 or ten bucks now costed us anywhere from 5 to even a hundred bucks more than we normally pay. This may be legal but guess what karma is a female dog if ya get my drift and the more people this starts happening to the more people are going to jump ship so keep it up att and see your customers jump ship or do whats right and fix it to where if we change our plan as long as we put no money on it so we can use the rest of our current plan while not having to be a watchpot and jump in just at the right time to avoid a loss of service and allow auto pay to kick in on the new plan automatically saving your hard working customers from adding unecessary stress to make sure we get what we are suppose to without penalty or having to stop everything we are doing to hit that oh so minute sweet spot to switch b4 deduction of funds. Sorry for the novel but i have never experienced such maliciousness as your prepaid racket of deception. If you all didnt owe me a 10 dollar credit for this month from last months autopay id have already left and took my $ else where.

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