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Wednesday, June 7th, 2023 9:39 PM

iPhone locked

I purchased (bought outright) an IPhone 12 mini from a local Official AT&T store.
 It is now 14 months later that I’ve had AT&T prepay.
I found better priced prepay plan else where so I call 611 and it begins. First I was told my AT&T iPhone 12 mini can NOT be unlocked because I have an installment plan. Now I’m like how is that possible I bought my iPhone from an official AT&T store so I asked to speak to a Supervisor. I explained to the 611 Supervisor that in one visit to the AT&T store I outright purchased the iPhone 12 mini, had it activated in-store to AT&T prepay, and was given a new AT&T phone number as well. The 611 Supervisor (RONA employee #193460984) told me there is nothing she can do, than tells me “I need to purchase my iPhone 12 mini” or “I can go find the person I stole the AT&T iPhone from and tell them they need pay off their AT&T installment bill” yes, you read that correctly the AT&T 611 Supervisor Rona told me “to go find the person I stole my iPhone from and tell them to pay their installment bill.” (also AT&T calls are recorded so it is all there). 
I explain to this AT&T 611 Supervisor Rona I NEVER had an installment plan with AT&T EVER and I asked her “how am I a thief?”  by I walking into an AT&T store, outright purchased an AT&T prepay iPhone 12 mini, I had the phone activated in the AT&T store, and was given a new phone number? I feel as tho I’m a victim to AT&T because it’s obvious what I did wrong… I walked into an AT&T store. I am now being FORCED, I am unfortunately LOCKED in to AT&T as my prepay service provider. 
  I asked this 611 Supervisor Rona  (already knowing the answer) if it’s possible to have an AT&T prepay iPhone with an installment plan I was told “NO! that is not possible.” than how is it the AT&T in - store employee sold me an iPhone 12 mini in a sealed boxed, activated the iPhone with a new number, and sold me AT&T prepay service and somehow I now have an installment plan??? AT&T 611 Supervisor Rona (employee #193460984) HUNG UP ON ME! 
  About two hours after I was accused of being a thief by the rude AT&T 611 Supervisor Rona I received a call from a different AT&T Supervisor, “Luv” (Luv, is all she would tell me) she was compassionate, kind and professional she apologized to me for the way I was spoken to, the way I was treated by Rona and I was ensured by this Supervisor that my AT&T iPhone 12 mini would be unlocked within 24-48 hours. Today is now it is almost 2 weeks later and my iPhone 12 mini is still LOCKED. I was blatantly LIED TOO.
- I looked online and it seems MANY PEOPLE have experienced the SAME EXACT THING I AM!!! they too are also being told their outright bought prepay iPhone they purchased from AT&T is on an installment plan or it is a stolen phone or their phone was not purchased in one of their stores.  
What do I do from here?
I NO LONGER WISH to have AT&T as my prepay service provider.
- Why should I have to shovel out more 100s of dollars to purchase another iPhone??? when this is CLEARLY AT&T’s mistake not mine. 
- AT&T is FORCING ME to use them as my service provider and AT&T has made ME their VICTIM. What can I do now???

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1 year ago

You do not call AT&T to unlock your phone. And if you do call AT&T and ask about unlocking your phone, they send you the link to the unlock portal. End of story 100% of the time. I'm not sure why you've concocted this other story but that's not how it works,  ever.   I have been a regular on this forum since 2014 and I have never ever seen a complaint like yours.  The only complaint when calling AT&T to get their phone unlocked is that they are texted the unlock link and then hung up on.

Enter the information in the unlock portal as it appears in your prepaid account. You have to know your security PIN code. If you don't know it make sure you change it before you submit your unlock request


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