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Wed, Jun 12, 2019 9:34 PM

How do I recover my voicemail

Recently changed from a Samsung Galaxy s4 prepaid to a Samsung Galaxy S6 prepaid.  Now when I hold "1" to retrieve voicemail, or the *86 or 68 whichever it states, it sends me to SMS message phone call then tells me I don't have enough money on my account when in fact my Bill is not due till next month. So how do I get rid of the SMS and back to MMS to get rid of all my calls going to text messages? And retrieve my voicemails?? Last thing is, it continually says my SIM card is not Verizon, which I know bc I have AT&T. It's activated but refuses to store phone numbers to SIM. It only stores my number instead of everyone's numbers like the s4



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a year ago

Hello @SeptemberRain64,


We can definitely assist you with retrieving your voicemail messages. We recommend that you try following these steps at this link to Set up Visual Voicemail instead of dialing to access your voicemail messages. Once that has been completed, you can follow the steps at this link to Learn how to access your Visual Voicemail messages. If you're having any issues with saving phone numbers as contacts, please be sure that you're following these steps to Learn how to add a contact. Let us know if this helps. Also, please provide us with more details about your phone calls going to text messages. We look forward to hearing back from you.


Sean, AT&T Community Specialist

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