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Wed, Dec 3, 2014 3:46 PM

Want to switch back to Iphone immediately!

Hey all,


So I just upgraded to a new phone about a month ago and got the HTC One, with no contract, but I can't stand it. I want to know how I can cancel the whole transaction (I haven't even made my first monthly payment yet, just the sales tax at the checkout when I ordered the phone) and just go back and pay the $200 upgrade fee for the iphone 6 and continue paying my same monthly rate? I can't seem to do that online nor is the LiveChat feature working right now. Anyone have any opinions? Has anyone done this before? I feel like it should be pretty easy, but I also expect ATT to have a cow over it. My first monthly payment is due the 7th of this month so I'm pretty desperate to figure this out as soon as possible so that I'm not shackled to a phone I don't like for the next million payments.


Many thanks!







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6 y ago

You will not be able to exchange for an iPhone. If you are within the 14 days period of the time that you got the phone, then you can go back to the store or call customer service to have it exchange. Once you pass that 14 days, you are stuck with the phone unless you pay off the full amount. I know, it sucks, and that's definitely not where you want to be, but there's really no solution for it at this point. You will have to pay the rest installment plan for the phone, and get another phone. There's no way around it. You can try to resell your phone to someone outside and try to get some reimbursement like that, see if that works for you, if not, you are pretty much out of luck at this point. I wish I can tell you other solution, but there is none. 

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