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Monday, January 9th, 2023 9:33 PM

USPS stole my trade in phone


I put the trade in phone in my collection box on Sept 20 and the USPS man took it at the same day. After 2 weeks, there was no update status in my account as well as USPS tracking. So I decided to report to USPS and they told me to contact Hyla. I called Hyla on Oct 7th or 8th, the agent told me that they received my package but they haven’t opened yet. Oh, that’s a relief!!! Just because the problem system and they received my trade in device. The nice agent told me that I don’t need to do anything, just enjoy my life and wait. Oh yeah!!! BUT NOOOO. After more than a month later, USPS sent me a mail that included my label and a paper: they found my label ONLY without the package at their warehouse in San Francisco. And USPS told me that I can go to there office to get the SHIPPING REFUND. What??? I can get the shipping refund but my trade in device credit???

- 1st: I did exactly steps what AT & T tell me to do to trade in my device. And now, my device gone forever and for nothing. This is not my fault because  I do everything you ask me to do. I think AT&T got the experience about customers lost their phone like this (after my phone was lost, I searched and realized that not only my phone was stolen). Why AT&T doesn’t change the method of trading device?

- 2nd: this shipping method doesn’t include insurance, why AT&T ask customers that they want to pay a fee to include the insurance or not? I think the trade-in device is cost a lots of money and paying a small amount of money is not a big deal.

- 3rd: what should I do right now? I contacted AT&T CS and the agent gave me a number phone to call but I called and couldn’t speak with a real person.

I hope somebody can read my comments and give me some advice.

Thanks and Best regards,

Tam Nguyen

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1 year ago

The package and probably the phone that was in it was destroyed in shipping.  

Since the package was separated from its label, the postal service has no way to connect them.

When you treated a phone you should never put it in your collection box. You should be taking it to the post office handing it over the counter and getting a counter receipt which shows your tracking number. Or purchasing in a corporate store so that you can trade in your phone at the corporate store in person, and also getting a receipt to prove that you have done the trade in.

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1 year ago

Hello Tam86, we want to help!


Let’s meet in a Direct Message to assist you with your phone that you shipped in, we will need to look over your account in more detail. Please check your Direct Message Inbox (it’s the chat icon next to the bell icon in the upper right corner of the Forums)


We look forward to hearing from you!


Whitley, AT&T Community Specialist

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