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Mon, Apr 27, 2020 12:40 AM

Unacceptable options for phone replacement

I started a claim on my phone with Asurian, but would not complete it, as the only options were downgrades a few years older than my phone. I am completely dissatisfied with this. My phone is an LG G8 ThinQ, roughly equivalent to a Samsung Galaxy S10e, as far as performance and hardware, but the replacement options were either a Galaxy S7 or S8. There was no option to pay more to upgrade my replacement to something more current like a G8X or a V60. I will not accept a downgrade if they aren't going to pay off my phone installments. If I still owe my installments, I expect a current and equivalent phone, not something two to three generations old. Acceptable replacements, in my opinion would have been Galaxy S10e, Galaxy Note 9 128GB, an LG G8 ThinQ, a currently available LG phone closest in performance to my current phone, or possibly a Galaxy S9+, though that would be a downgrade. Is there a solution which would allow for an upgrade as a replacement, obviously paying the difference, that would also allow me to continue my current installment plan because it wouldn't be a typical trade-in? My phone still works, but is damaged, so I'm not desperate and won't settle for a poor replacement, I'll deal with the cracks before downgrading.




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2 y ago

it’s entirely up to Asurion what you get. Also they replace with refurbished phones not new phones. I’m afraid your at the mercy of Asurion

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2 y ago

Asurion's agreement with you is that they replace it with an equivalent phone. I agree that providing you with a older model is not acceptable.

However AT&T and Verizon and other carriers do not control the insurance company which is a separate business. If you are unhappy with what they have to offer you need to file a complaint against the insurance company. Most states have a state insurance board which regulates insurance providers.
So if you are unable to reach an agreement with Asurion to provide an equivalent phone, then file a complaint with your state insurance board or try the Better Business Bureau or State Attorney General.

I personally find Asurion a poor fiscal option for what you get. So I don't use insurance. Insurance is a for-profit business. And mobile insurance is high risk because of the amount of breakage and Theft so deductibles and premiums are high compared to the value of the product being covered.

Just to be clear, AT&T has nothing to do with your insurance claim, and cannot provide you with a different phone. This is entirely between you and Asurion. Carriers like AT&T, Verizon etc, merely process the premiums and deductibles for Asurion they do not control the company and they do not own or are partners with Asurion.
It's very much like when a mortgage company processes your monthly mortgage payment and includes an amount that is used to pay for your homeowners insurance and your town taxes.


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