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Monday, May 1st, 2023 1:17 PM

Trade in credits never being applied

I have 3 phone trade-ins on our account that have never received credit, one dating back to January of 2022. I have chatted with customer service twice on this and had 2 separate tickets that have supposedly been resolved, but the credits have still never started showing up. I have spent way to much time already trying to get this resolved, but this is $2400 in credits over the next several months that I am loosing. Not very happy with any part of customer service at AT&T right now. Anyone know how to talk to someone that can get something done? Thank you!!

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7 months ago

Assuming you have met all of the requirements for the deal, and please make sure that you did, you can file a better Business bureau complaint online. Better Business bureau complaints are forwarded back to AT&T upper management and someone will call you. At the very least we you will get an explanation as to why you did not get credits.

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