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Wed, Jan 15, 2020 9:11 PM

This is to report a unethical action by AT&T

In August 2019 I saw an online offer BOGO and ordered a new Samsung 10 on my line with an addition of a newline which will have a free phone of Samsung Galaxy 10e. This was a available only online. When I clicked BOGO link and ordered the above mentioned, the order went through with no warning or alert.
I got the phone and used it for a month. The credit for free phone was credited. So I called the customer service. The rep said it would take 1 to 3 months. He said it was back logged. I called back after 3 months. The rep said I did not have the unlimited data plan and that was a qualification. I did get details until I persistently called for few weeks. I escalated this ( I think) to higher managers in customer service.
Here is the problem and here how AT&T cheats on customers.
1. AT&T should do the due diligence of checking my account and tell right away if I would qualify. They their Requirements and all my details. They did not do that. All I can tell them at the time of order is, if I am willing to take a new line, willing to take installment plan, etc.
2. When I called customer service after a month they should have checked properly and told me the correct information. Instead they gave me a generic message of wait for 1 to 3 month. I had to wait with a hope. This is clearly not a good customer service of AT&T. Low valued AT&T service plays with customers' time and money.
3. To get an idea of what AT&T think what had happened, I had to call persistently for 5 months, several calls and talking to customer service representative and explain the story over and over again.

If AT&T could have done the due diligence and checked and let me know right away, I would have made a different decision. It is a cheap cheat business and very unethical business.

I would not recommend AT&T to anyone and especially thier online promotions is cheating system as it is now.



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a month ago

Sorry it doesn't wash. Anyone can click on the link advertising phone promotions. But if you did not fulfill the requirements of the promotion you're not going to get this free phone. It's up to the customer to read the requirements when you are ordering on your own online.

As you now know one of the requirements was to be on an unlimited data plan

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