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Mon, Nov 4, 2019 7:30 PM

Scammed (?) by AT&T at local BJs

Last week I was approached by an AT&T (?) representative at the local BJs: "Are you with AT&T?"... "Do you want to upgrade to iPhone XR for only 5$/month?". While I don't necessarily need a new phone (the 6S is paid in full and works just fine), the offer seemed enticing so I accepted. He went ahead and did all the paperwork and I left. I started receiving emails about the order including one with a preview of the next bill which showed a $20 (!) installment for the new phone. I started realizing that I don't have anything written about the $5/month upgrade for future reference. I only had that guy's word. 

A few days later I went back to the store to ask him to give me something in written about the promotion. He said he doesn't have anything but allowed me to take a couple photos from his tablet showing the details of the promotion.

To avoid surprises down the road, I was looking to contact AT&T to confirm but, of course, there is no email address in Contact us section of the website.

So I started a chat session, I told the whole story and, you guessed it, the promotion only applies to new lines (!) and I'll need to pay $20/month for the upgrade. In this case I said I want to cancel the order. The chat representative asked for my phone number for her manager to call. A few minutes later I got a call from the manager which told me that "I'm a valued customer" and they will apply the promotion to my upgrade (!) and I'll get the XR for $5/month after all but will need to connect me to Sales. A couple minutes later, I'm on the call with a Sales person which says there is nothing she can do regarding the promotion but if I want she can help with the cancellation. However, after giving her the order number I'm told that she cannot do anything about that type of orders (starting with 99) and that I'll need to go to the point of sales (!)... that is, the guy at BJs that scammed me in the first place.


Stay tuned for more once I go back to BJs.



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5 months ago

Hey there @scammed_cust!


We apologize about your experience. I'm sending you a Private Message which you can find simply by clicking the Forums Inbox (envelope icon) in the banner.


Please reply to the message from ATTCares and verify your requested account details so that we may provide assistance.


I look forward to assisting you.


Lar, AT&T Community Specialist

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Hi, I am experiencing the same thing. I upgraded 3 AT&T phones at BJ's and was promised by the AT&T rep that I would get a credit of 15.00 per phone. I have called ATT a couple times now. The first time the rep said she would give me a credit and make sure the discount was applied. Then when I looked at my bill again the discount was not there. When I called AT&T again they told me the discount wasn't with them that I would have to contact BJ's for the discount. Then I contacted BJ's and they are telling me to contact AT&T. BJ's gave me a number to call and it rings a few times and then hangs up. Called BJ's back and they said to cocntact the Rep in the store that promised the discount. Unbelievable.

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a month ago

Hi, I am going through the same thing. Do you still have the photos of the deal and did you ever get the discount?
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