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Wed, Dec 17, 2014 3:53 AM

Rude assistant manager in SW Austin, TX Store

I ordered an iPhone 6 plus and bought a case on 11/19, but when I was in the store on dec 3, they had the case I really wanted (in pink, same price). So I asked my sales guy if I could exchange it since it was new in the bag still (as my iPhone took a month to ship) he said sure bring it in, no problem.



My phone finally came yesterday. I spent an hour or so online and calling in to activate, they couldn't do it because of an issue with the original transaction, so I went in today to "the same saleman" to handle it and exchange the case. We were almost done with everything (5:30pm - 8:00pm it took to activate my phone) and he was just getting the exchange approved and the assistant manager refused since now it was over 2 weeks since original purchase. The salesman tried to explain to the manager about the exchange and said "but she was just waiting for phone to come in, it's brand new, I told her she could a couple weeks ago" and that's when the manager said that "I couldn't have picked that case out prior to just now because they are brand new cases and just came to the store yesterday!" That's when I argued because I picked it out 2 weeks ago at this same store and had already gotten the approval, so I know it was there in the store, that's when I saw it, and showed "my salesman" the pink case and he said he could exchange it.  They had 3 pink ones that day, they still had 2 today. (The assistant manager was lying to me, and apparently didn't like me calling him on it.) Go figure!☺️ Seriously his reaction was a total "power play" over a $45 even trade phone case.


We just switched our whole family to the new att plan. 3 of of us have new iPhones, plus a new LG Tablet. We have 8 devices on their service and that's what I asked him. " Do you seriously want to lose a good customer over a stupid case exchange?" He said, "I don't care." I asked him for his card. He gave me his and his managers. He seemed quite confident that he had nothing to worry about.


I have spent countless hours in that store buying devices and equipment, switching our services, and dealing with issues that THEY got wrong and have to fix, only to be treated poorly in the end by the assistant manager I caught lying to me. What a shame he had to ruin our whole experience.  I am sure another carrier will be more than happy to provide our service.  He should be ashamed of himself for his behavior tonight.  My husbands father retired from AT&T (as a lineman) and we are AT&T stockholders.  The only company we have ever had service with is AT&T, since our very first cell phone years ago. Truly a huge disappointment!



Thanks for your help,


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Il y a 8 y

This is AT&T Corperate Store or autherized dealer? I assume you ordered your iPhone 6 plus from this store, but don't you have the receipts for the items you bought?Smiley Surprised



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Il y a 8 y

I don't know which store is what?  It is an AT&T store in Circle C that is a free-standing store, not in a mall or a kiosk.  It's called an AT&T Mobility. - Does that answer your question?


Yes, I bought my new phone and my case and accessories from that store, but they were out of stock and had to order my phone for me and they shipped it to my house.  Yes, of course I have receipts.  They had the receipts in my account info too.  Mr Cantu wasn't saying I didn't buy it there or pay for it there, he was saying they don't take a return when it's been more than 2 weeks.  But I was in the store at the 2 week mark and spoke to the salesperson who said it would not be a problem to exchange it at all. (perhaps the salesman, himself was overstepping a boundary, I don't know.)


My point is that the asst. manager lied when he said that his store did not carry the pink case 2 weeks ago, so he was calling me a liar after the salesclerk told him I had picked out the case last time I came in.  The asst. manager said, "That can't be true because we didn't have that case 2 weeks ago, we just got them in yesterday."  I said, "Bullcrap, I did too come in a couple weeks ago and you had 3 of them, you are the one lying."  Then he said, "Regardless, I am not going to approve this because you had the other case in your possession for more than 14 days."


It seems he was  just trying to prove a point by denying me the exchange after I had already been promised it by the salesman within the 2 week timeframe for exchanges.

Just like when I purchased the iPhone and they had to order it, the information the salesman had said it would take 2-3 weeks to come in.  I ordered it Nov 19, and it came in on Dec 15. (had I known it would take so long to get in, I would have went to the Apple store at the mall or Best Buy).


On Dec 3, I was in the store from 1:40pm-5:14pm just adding our son onto our phone plan. (another 3.5  hours of my life gone) This was after I had already spent HOURS on the phone with several ATT people on Dec 2 trying to do it remotely and had the calls keep dropping out. (even though they PROMISED by phone to call me back if we were disconnected, they didn't and I had to start all over again.) Our issue was that we were still set up on the old billing style with AT&T, so they had to switch our current 7 devices over to the NEW billing system before they could add our son to our plan (who was on the new billing system).  To switch each device takes about 8 min AND has to be done by phone with customer service, but I did it in store so my salesguy could help since I kept getting disconnected when I tried to do it by phone myself.  The poor salesguy also had to spend HOURS being stuck with me my phone and our plan problems.  That's time he's not making money, too.  WHICH is why I was buying all my accessories in person at the store, so he was making something for all our issues.



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