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Friday, May 5th, 2023 2:02 PM

Retrieve a cancelled number

I’m in desperate need of help getting a cancelled number back, and after 5 straight days of talking to maybe 6 or 7 different agents, I’m basically being told I’m screwed for something that was their error.

The full story…and it’s a long one because I’ve been dealing with this for more than two months😫: I started a business three years ago and used my Google voice number as my business number. Probably a mistake looking back, but it has worked great for me for three years. As work volume has significantly increased, my business partner insisted that we move to a Google workspace number so we could both have full functionality with the line. She could receive calls from the personal Google voice number but only I could check voicemail and receive texts. In speaking with Google workspace customer support, they assured me I could port my personal number into my workspace account by going through the intermediate step of porting the number to a wireless carrier. After more than a month of not being able to make that work, it was finally determined that the service (being able to port a Google voice number into my workspace account) is not yet available in my area (based on area code) with no clear timeline on when it would be.

Next chapter: Now I just need to move this number which I ported to AT&T back to my personal Google voice because while ported, my business partner had zero access to the phone. All calls and texts were coming to my cell phone. I still had some functionality with the number through my Google voice account oddly enough…like I could still send texts from it, but only receiving replies on my phone, not in Voice. So five days ago I called AT&T for help getting the number back to Google voice. Here’s where it all goes awry…The agent tells me that if we cancel the number it should just go back to my Google voice. I asked if I needed to port it back out and she assured me that I didn’t since it seemed still connected. So she cancels the number. It does NOT go back to Google voice and is no longer connected to ANYTHING. Google voice can’t help because the phone number doesn’t appear available to port. AT&T is telling me this action CANNOT be reversed. I have spoken to different agents over the past five days, each telling me there is a different solution to getting the number back, each having some reason why they need to call me back (need support from a person who is at lunch or gone for the day, a 24 hour waiting period for activating a line, etc), and NONE of them have called me back. So I end up calling back, starting the whole thing over with someone new. There are no call logs or notes from my previous calls so no one knows what I’m talking about or who I was even expecting a call back from. Absolutely maddening. Talking with the agent last night was getting nowhere, but he actually created a case ticket, so I have a case number. (How is this the first time?!) He says he will be following up via email and text about the progress, and that he’ll text as soon as we disconnect so I have a record. Call me shocked, none of those things has happened.

So now I’m no closer to getting my business number back. The number that is literally attached to everything. Credit card billing address, business license, insurance, taxes. It’s on a fresh run of hundreds of business cards, brochures, and pens. It was given to hundreds of people at a national conference two weeks ago where we were exhibitors. And it’s the phone number we use for safety contract stuff for all of our suicide prevention trainings, which we have at least one a week right now. I’m freaking out, losing sleep, and am absolutely sick to my stomach. I desperately need help navigating because I can’t keep going like this, talking to a different person every day, starting from scratch every day, getting not called back every day. Not getting this number back for something that was their error is just not acceptable. Offering me a free phone for my inconvenience is not the solution I’m looking for, as the last two agents I’ve spoken with have offered. 

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1 year ago

Sorry once it’s cancelled you can’t get it back regardless of how many people you talk to 

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1 year ago

I don't know why you think you're going to get a different answer other than the correct one you've already received from AT&T. Once you cancel a number it's gone. If you weren't sure about canceling the number you could have ported it to a virtual service like Google voice, or parked at some place like number barn. But once you give it up you can't get it back.

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